What payment methods are accepted?

What payment methods are accepted?

Only the following cards are accepted on BlueEye payment system: Worldwide: Visa and Mastercard Only for US and Europe: Discover JCB and Diners Maestro AmEx is NOT available

We also accept GPay (Google Pay) and Apple Pay.

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    • BlueEye payment and invoice details for companies or individuals.

      For BlueEye subscription, the only payment method is through the app with a valid Mastercard or Visa card. American Express cards are not supported. The payment is very secure and it's made through a PayPal subsidiary. We are also supporting GPay ...
    • My Swan site subscription has expired, how can I renew it?

      When the site subscription expires, a "Renew" button appears in the app, in the site list screen (home screen). Tapping on it will open the payment screen.
    • Can I change a paying credit card?

      As the app does not automatically renew the subscription or store card credentials, the card details need to be entered for each payment.
    • How can I pay for the subscription plan?

      The subscription can be paid only from the app, by credit/debit card. (Visa or Mastercard). Gpay (Google Pay) and Apple Pay are also accepted. If the site is expired, the site can be paid by anyone, by tapping on the "Renew" button in the site list. ...
    • How can I change BlueEye language?

      The language shown in BlueEye can be changed by tapping the menu button in the site list, then choose settings and language. This will change the text language of buttons, options, etc. If the zone/area/PGM labels are not displayed correctly, it may ...