I cannot configure the IP150+ anymore from the Web Interface.

I cannot configure the IP150+ anymore from the Web Interface.

Due to security reasons, the IP150+ configuration can be done only from BlueEye Installer Menu, for firmware 5.3.0 and up. Please contact your system installer to help you with the configuration.
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      In order to add a static IP site in BlueEye, please tap on the + button: 1. Tap on the 3 dots on the top right corner and select "Use Static IP without Swan" 2. Add a site name 3. Tap on the magnifier icon (search) to find your IP150/+ module 4. ...
    • Is there a user manual for BlueEye?

      Yes, please find the user manual here.
    • How can I change BlueEye language?

      The language shown in BlueEye can be changed by tapping the menu button in the site list, then choose settings and language. This will change the text language of buttons, options, etc. If the zone/area/PGM labels are not displayed correctly, it may ...
    • I cannot download BlueEye on my Huawei device.

      BlueEye is compatible only with devices that are running Google Services. Some Huawei devices do not have Google Services anymore.
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      In order to enable/disable biometric login, the biometric needs to first be enabled/configure from the phone settings. Afterwards the biometric login can be enabled/disabled from BlueEye, by tapping on the menu button and choosing settings, then ...