How do I turn on/off biometric login (fingerprint or face recognition)?

How do I turn on/off biometric login (fingerprint or face recognition)?

The “Biometric login” option can be enabled/disabled from the setting menu, found in the site list screen.

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    • How can I enable/disable biometric login?

      In order to enable/disable biometric login, the biometric needs to first be enabled/configure from the phone settings. Afterwards the biometric login can be enabled/disabled from BlueEye, by tapping on the menu button and choosing settings, then ...
    • Is there a user manual for BlueEye?

      Yes, please find the user manual here.
    • How can I change BlueEye language?

      The language shown in BlueEye can be changed by tapping the menu button in the site list, then choose settings and language. This will change the text language of buttons, options, etc. If the zone/area/PGM labels are not displayed correctly, it may ...
    • How do I change the email address for my SWAN site?

      The email address of the site can be changed by the master user (login with master code) from BlueEye app. Just login to the site with the master user, then access the menu button and tap on your site name. Here you will find the "master email" that ...
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      In order to renew the subscription, please login to the site, then tap on the menu button and select "billing". There you can choose to renew the site subscription by 1 or 3 years. After choosing the period, the credit card credentials will have to ...