How do I delete a Swan site from BlueEye?

How do I delete a Swan site from BlueEye?

To delete a site, please long press on the site in the site list screen, then tap on the "Bin" icon. Please note that Swan sites are deleted only from the phone, not from the Swan server.
To add the site back, please tap on the + button and enter the site Token or site ID and email address of the site.

To delete a site from the Swan server (permanently) please contact us at The request to delete a site will have to come from the same email address to which the site is registered.

Static IP sites are deleted permanently, as they are not stored on the Swan server. To add the site back, please tap on the + button, enable the static IP (toggle on) and enter the IP, port and site name.
The site ID and email address should not be added for static IP sites, if there is no Swan site.

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