How do I add an existing site to another phone?

How do I add an existing site to another phone?

The site can be added on another phone by tapping on the + button and entering the site ID and email address of the site

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    • Can I add or remove another panel user?

      Users can be added, edited, or deleted from the Panel Users menu, that can be found in the Settings menu, after connecting to the site. Please note that only the master user (master code) has access to the panel users. New users can be added to area ...
    • How can I add a static IP site in Insite Gold?

      In order to add a static IP site in Insite Gold, please tap on the + button: 1. Toggle static IP button to ON 2. Add a site name 3. Site ID and email address are not necessary (to be entered if the static IP will be added in parallel with an existing ...
    • I cannot connect to my Swan site. What should I do?

      We have released a new app called BlueEye, which has an improved user interface, new features and it`s constantly being developed. In BlueEye we have introduced a reset feature in the latest version. If the connection cannot be made, a pop-up with a ...
    • How do I delete a Swan site from Insite Gold?

      To delete a site, please tap on the 3 dots near the site name, then tap on the "Bin" icon, in the site list (home page). Please note that Swan sites are deleted only from the phone, not from the Swan server. To add the site back, please tap on the + ...
    • Do I need to pay for Insite Gold for each user/device used?

      Insite Gold is paid per site, not per user (phone). An unlimited number of devices can connect to the site, without the need to pay another subscription.