How can I use the Panic function?

How can I use the Panic function?

There are 2 types of panic in BlueEye: Panel panic and Geolocation panic.
Panel Panic - needs to be programmed in the panel. A panic signal will be triggered locally in the panel (audible or silenced - depends on how it's programmed).  This feature is available on most panels in production, once they are upgraded to v7.14 (or above) for MG/SP and v7.30 (or above) for EVO.  Panels SP4000, SP65, MG5000, MG5050 v4.xx are not supported.
The panic is also reported to the monitoring station, if configured.

Geolocation Panic - the panic message will be transmitted through push notification to all users/devices registered to the site. In order to be able to trigger this panic, at least 2 users should be configured on the site and both should have logged in at least once, from different devices. The push notification will include the location where the panic was triggered. Geolocation panic is compatible with any site.
This panic cannot be transmitted to the monitoring station.

If the panel panic is supported/activated on the panel and there are more than 2 users registered to the site, both panics will be triggered automatically.

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