How can I check my Swan site details? (Site ID, email address)

How can I check my Swan site details? (Site ID, email address)

The site details can be checked after logging in to the site. Tapping on the menu button and then on the name of the site will open the site details page.
In the site list, long press on the site, then tapping on the "i" (info) icon will present the site details.

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    • How do I change the email address for my SWAN site?

      The email address of the site can be changed by the master user (login with master code) from BlueEye app. Just login to the site with the master user, then access the menu button and tap on your site name. Here you will find the "master email" that ...
    • How do I delete a Swan site from BlueEye?

      To delete a site, please long press on the site in the site list screen, then tap on the "Bin" icon. Please note that Swan sites are deleted only from the phone, not from the Swan server. To add the site back, please tap on the + button and enter the ...
    • How many sites can be created on the same Swan email address?

      There is no limitation on the number of sites, but the site ID needs to be different for each site.
    • How do I add an existing site to another phone?

      The site can be added on another phone by tapping on the + button and entering the site Token or site ID and email address or the panel serial number of the site.
    • How can I add a static IP site in BlueEye?

      In order to add a static IP site in BlueEye, please tap on the + button: 1. Tap on the 3 dots on the top right corner and select "Use Static IP without Swan" 2. Add a site name 3. Tap on the magnifier icon (search) to find your IP150/+ module 4. ...