Does BlueEye support HD77/78/88 cameras?

Does BlueEye support HD77/78/88 cameras?

No, BlueEye does not support HDxx cameras.
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    • What`s the difference between BlueEye and Insite Gold?

      Please find below what are the changes for BlueEye: - Support for Paradox Dorbell - Fresh design - Simple menu configuration - Separate screen for event list, areas and zones - Create site featured only in the Installer Menu - Removed support for ...
    • How can I change BlueEye language?

      The language shown in BlueEye can be changed by tapping the menu button in the site list, then choose settings and language. This will change the text language of buttons, options, etc. If the zone/area/PGM labels are not displayed correctly, it may ...
    • Is there a user manual for BlueEye?

      Yes, please find the user manual here.
    • BlueEye payment and invoice details for companies or individuals.

      For BlueEye subscription, the only payment method is through the app with a valid Mastercard or Visa card. American Express cards are not supported. The payment is very secure and it's made through a PayPal subsidiary. We are also supporting GPay ...
    • How can I contact Paradox Support?

      You can contact the Support Team by sending an email to or by opening a ticket in the Helpdesk.