Cannot connect with Static IP on a device running IOS15.

Cannot connect with Static IP on a device running IOS15.

Insite Gold asks to allow the static IP connection on IOS15, in the login screen. If you didn`t allow it by mistake, please go to the app settings on the IOS device and enable the local network, like in the attached picture.
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    • How can I add a static IP site in Insite Gold?

      In order to add a static IP site in Insite Gold, please tap on the + button: 1. Toggle static IP button to ON 2. Add a site name 3. Site ID and email address are not necessary (to be entered if the static IP will be added in parallel with an existing ...
    • I cannot download Insite Gold on my Huawei device.

      Insite Gold is compatible only with devices that are running Google Services. Some Huawei devices do not have Google Services anymore
    • The sound notifications does not mute in "Do not disturb mode" on IOS devices.

      Unfortunately, right now Apple’s APIs do not allow our app to override Do Not Disturb mode or the system volume on iOS. If this changes in the future and Apple exposes public APIs for this, we can investigate ways to implement the feature to override ...
    • Do I need to pay for Insite Gold for each user/device used?

      Insite Gold is paid per site, not per user (phone). An unlimited number of devices can connect to the site, without the need to pay another subscription.
    • Does Insite Gold support tablets?

      For Android tablets, Google decides based on the hardware and services. If a device is unsupported, it will not show in Google Play and the install button will not be available. Apple tablets are supported only when running IOS 8 and up. However, ...